Need Words? From a few sentences to an entire book, I have the skills and experience to find the right words for you.

I can compose anything from a book-length project to scholarly articles to a short newsletter item. I specialize in politics, current events, terrorist studies, economics, and international relations but enjoy exploring new topics all the time. I have written on eclectic topics such as white-nosed bat fungus, toy recalls, Jackie Chan, and Olympic steroid scandals.

Book Design
I can take your text, tables, and illustrations and turn them into camera-ready copy matching your publisher’s specifications. I will guarantee that you have polished text, informative figures, and concise tables that will transform your manuscripts into clean, crisp books.

Substantive Editing
I can focus on content, organization, and tone. I may recommend rewriting portions of your document to smooth transitions or to better clarify content.

Copyediting and Line Editing
I will correct spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation, check cross-references, and prepare the style sheets that guide consistency and accuracy across your entire manuscript.

I will check the final text for typographical errors and resolve any lingering problems with page layout. I will compare the last stage of the project to earlier revisions and make sure changes have been made correctly.